It’s tempting to believe the debtor has some secret bank account or suitcase of money just waiting to be discovered. Unfortunately, this person has usually been spending money as quickly as they can get it, so this is rarely true. Even if it were, deadbeats usually have years of experience in tactics to hinder, delay or defraud their creditors. Just finding where any remaining assets are located takes time and persistence. Then come the actions required to legally take possession of the assets. All of which may be delayed when there are others in line to collect whose claim may take priority over yours. Sometimes this can take months and years to sort out.

It depends on the needs of the client and circumstances of the case. I normally work on an hourly basis plus costs, but in appropriate cases, I can work on a contingency-fee basis, plus costs. I am also open to consider other options such as a blended hourly-contingency-fee basis plus costs, or some other mutually acceptable basis. I can also work within a client-established budget that gives clients more control over the cost of legal services.

I am a sole practitioner. I will personally handle all aspects of your case. I will not farm it out to an Associate or paralegal. That way you are assured you will have my full attention on your case.

Having practiced law for thirty years, I know what resources are required for each individual case. Sometimes it may be necessary to bring on additional professionals such as forensic accountants, computer analysts or former FBI agents. I personally evaluate the need for such professionals on a case by case basis and consult with the client at all stages of the case to discuss the need for outside professionals. It is only with the consent of the client that those professionals are retained to assist in the handling of the case.

Additionally, as an attorney, I am governed by Rules of Professional Conduct that mandate I only accept cases when I have the time and resources to properly handle the case. Each case is continually evaluated to ensure I comply with these Rules. If it is determined that I do not, and cannot retain additional professionals to assist, I must refuse representation.

I am willing to discuss your case at no charge. This gives me the opportunity to initially evaluate the merits of your case, and gives both of us the opportunity to determine if we are comfortable with each other and can develop the mutual trust that is a cornerstone of the attorney-client relationship.